Feel free to approach us; we’re gnashing – Yvonne Okoro urges Ghanaian men

Respected Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro is advising Ghanaian men to nurture courage in approaching any female Ghanaian actress of their choice since many of them are lonely and are seriously looking for love.

According to her a lot more men chickens out in proposing love to their favorite actresses and celebrities with the assumption of them living a ‘high class’ life.

Interacting with her sisters on her reality show on GhOne TV, Yvonne mention that men ‘run’ away from female celibrities with the notion that a lot more other men are waiting in long queue chasing after same ladies.

She added that the so called ‘high class’ tag within the movie industry is ruining the lives of a lot more actresses from getting love partners and even husbands.

The eloquent actress added that though she has moved on from the ‘singles club’, she can point out to a lot of her colleague actresses who are seriously dying for love partners.

“Men find it difficult to approach because I can’t just generalize [but] I can only say base on my experience. They look at you, you are on television; and then they feel like oh she’s on television, she drives a car, she’s rich. And so, they make assumptions that, obviously you can’t be single but have men queuing around you,” She said.

Yvonne said is not always the case how a lot more men perceive actresses to be, adding that many of them are single waiting patiently to jump into the arms of men who will show a bit more courage and affection towards them.

Credit: yen.com.gh