Asamoah Gyan Asks GFA to Put “Dr. Gyan” Behind His Football Jersey

The Captain of the Black Stars Asamoah Gyan who recently put his face on his Captain band and generated national uproar has been awarded a Honorary Doctorate degree following which he has asked the Ghana Football Association to make full changes to his jersey.

Gyan has reportedly asked the GFA to add Dr. to his usual name,Gyan, on his football jersey which means we will be seeing DR.GYAN when he’s playing for the Black Stars.

Apparently,the GFA is considering doing this to ensure that Gyan remains happy as they fear any discontentment would affect his performance and would lead to him missing more penalties.

This is what he posted on his twitter page when he was awarded “By the Grace of God I was awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree… with all humility,respectfully call me His Honour Dr. Asamoah Gyan”.

He gave some advice by posting “Yes, I am now Dr. Asamoah Gyan, do good,work hard, be mentally strong,  everyone is watching. Glory be to God.. “.

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